Introducing: A Cutting-Edge Entertainment Complex

Join MEGAVISION in shaping the future of entertainment.

The current facility is located in Irving between Dallas and Ft Worth. As one of the best event venues in the DFW area, the facility also hosts exclusive live sports entertainment including professional boxing, wrestling, MMA and Muai Thai!

The facility is conveniently located just fifteen minutes from downtown Dallas and 25 minutes from the DFW airport. This location is ideal for bringing talent and crews into the Soundstages and Performance Venues.

The Stage
Existing Improvements
Front 2417 Capacity - Entire 5,000+
Live Events
Main Bar
Multiple Areas
Megavision - Delivering Visionary Experiences

Megavision is raising capital to cash-out current partners and convert this single operating venue into a multipurpose media & entertainment facility, with: 

  • 90,000 sf of Entertainment and Soundstages
  • 4 Soundstages
  • 1 Automotive Stage
  • Recording Studios
  • 2 Restaurants
  • 5 Bars
  • Audio/Video Production throughout the building


The Ask


Use of Funds

  • Total Amount: $12 M
  • $27M Replacement Value
  • Instrument: Convertible Note or Terms Negotiable
  • Term: 1-year
  • Interest Rate: 8%
  • To Date: $3 M Bridge Loan
  • SJ Irving Property, LLC (100% Real Estate)
  • Southern Junction Irving, LLC (100% Operations)
  • $10M Invested to Date (the Buyout)
  • Cash out Current Partner
  • Property Upgrades
  • Equipment
  • Staffing
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • General Corporate Needs

The Opportunity

While most industries prepare for an economic slowdown, video production is experiencing an ongoing boom fueled by consumer demand and many more streaming platforms who are now production companies including; Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and many more.

The Dallas Morning News

Dallas News

Los Angeles Bus. Journal

Los Angeles Times

Value Proposition

Explosive Growth in a Scaled Category

Top 10 Incetivized Markets

Enormous Room for Expansion

Despite taking a hit from COVID-19, the U.S. film industry is expected to experience a CAGR of 8.3% between 2021 to 2027.

Pre-Pandemic, Hollywood contributed $504 billion to the U.S. GDP.

In 2020, Film Entertainment revenue amounted to $25.9 billion.

As of 2020, the U.S. movie industry is worth $91.83 billion.

And this has continued to grow throughout the Pandemic, despite theater closures. The industry is expected to have a CAGR of 4.1% from 2018 to 2025.

In order to boost in-state movie productions—which often help the local economy—each state across the U.S. offers tax benefits to filmmakers.

As Cable and Satellite decline in the U.S. and steaming continues to grow, major streamers must continue to produce superior content to compete in the subscription wars.

This will continue shortage of soundstages creating GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Advantage: SWL Venue is our Sizzle, The Soundstages is the Steak

  • Venue
  • Established 1981
  • 150,000 sf
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Distance 26 miles
  • Open to public
  • Recording Label

  • Venue & Soundstages
  • Relaunch, Refurbish & Expand
  • 75,600 sf
  • Irving, Texas
  • Live Audience Soundstage and Venue
  • 4 Soundstages
  • Recording Studios
  • Event “Syndications”
  • Venue
  • Established 1981
  • 92,000 sf
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Distance 19 miles
  • Booking and Tickets Only

The Facility

Our Mission

Our goal is to create an innovative media network by combining live venues with managed soundstages and recording studios.

This differentiator allows our ownership group to identify, acquire, and convert large venues into highly profitable multipurpose facilities.

Our standards for investing:

  • Market: Heart of mega-metro area w/ high-wealth populus.
  • Access: Convenient to 2 major airports.
  • Society: Wholesome Midwest influence.
  • ROI: Cashflow and EBITDA positive.
  • Equity: Real Estate assets fully secure investment.
  • Backbone:  Access to high-speed internet & streaming.


Initial Rendering – after property updates.

Revenue Model

Studio West Live’s 1st year will derive revenues from the Multiple Profit Centers.  

(Conservative assumptions available upon request.)

  • Food Truck Park is on acreage across the street.   
  • Farmers Market is held on 4 acres of parking space during non-conflict hours.
  • The main venue will have several retail stores available to merchants desiring access to our upscale clientele for live events.

Television Team

Ted Ellis – Investor – Director

From 2002-2015, Ellis enjoyed a prolific career at Corus Entertainment in Toronto. He served in various capacities, including VP, Programming, Women’s and Family (W Network, W Movies, OWN Canada, CosmoTV, CMT Canada, ABC Spark and Sundance Channel Canada); VP, Head of Programming Kids and Family (YTV, Treehouse, Nickelodeon Canada, ABC Spark, CMT Canada); VP Dockside Productions; VP Programming KidsCo International Channel Group; VP Programming for Max Trax digital music service, VP Corus/Sony Music record label.

Lee Abrams – Chief Creative Officer

Lee is a co-founder of SiriusXM Satellite Radio and is an American media executive who has held a number of posts for large and influential companies and is generally credited with developing the Album Oriented Rock format first heard at WQDR Raleigh and thereafter providing services with hundreds of radio stations across the country.

Claire Adams – Executive Producer

Executive Producer, Canada’s Got Talent. Claire is one of North America’s leading content executives with extensive experience in creating, operationalizing and leading big impact and high-stakes broadcast events and new media businesses.

Her career has spanned across a variety of sectors in Canada and the US, where she’s created and led more than 4000 hours of award-winning linear and non-linear content, spanning genres such as live broadcast (awards, sports, event, red carpet, music, global telethon) daily (studio, talk), commercials (TV and digital), reality, documentary, news, food, shiny floor, competition, podcasts (brand and editorial), global events, brand content, and much more.

Cliff Dumas – VP of Media Broadcast

Operating Partner, Local First Media managing 23 FM Radio Stations in 5 US Markets.  Cliff Dumas has won multiple CMA and ACM broadcast award winner.  He is a CCMA Hall of Fame broadcast inductee, multiple CCMA award winner and Board Member.  Cliff is also multiple “Mark Award” winner for excellence in broadcast television marketing.

Cliff launched the CMT Network in Canada and wrote, produced and was the imaging voice for the network for close to 18 years.

Joel Stephens – Director of Production

CEO of Morcaman Productions, a movie and television production company.  With extensive executive experience in the entertainment industry over the past two decades, currently owns and manages a video library of thousands of titles.

Corporate Team

David Kraus – Managing Partner

Known for creating one of the first live streaming systems inside of Facebook in 2010 with over 1M viewers in 4 days.

CEO of MEGAVISION providing C-Suite services to upcoming companies.   Investor/partner in radio and broadcast companies.

John Raymond, MBA – CFO

MBA in finance, consulting with 100’s of Companies.  Results driven leader who enjoys collaborating to identify process improvements and profits.  “I enjoy digging into issues and analyzing data for potential trends.”

James Boyd – COO of Food & Beverage

Managing Partner in B&W Advisors. Former Acquisition Partner for Goldman Sachs UIG Group. Formerly COO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, growing the company from 600M in Revenues to 1.2B in revenues over a 12-year period.

Keith Brown – VP of Food & Beverage

Participated in over 1,000 festivals over a 14-year period. Keith has opened and operated 8 restaurants, 3 food trucks and managed a $4M per year catering company with 72 employees. He has served The Rock, Gloria Estefan, and festivals including Ozzfest, Lollapalooza, and motorcycle rallies across the USA.

Ruth Woody – VP of Live Broadcast

Managing Partner at Shout Broadcasting with 30 development experience. Ruth developed one of the first Cloud Based Broadcast Systems. Her clients include NFL, MLB, NHL, & NBA Live Broadcasting. Several accomplishments broadcasting at Super Bowls, World Series and the Stanley Cup.


Eric Yoon

CEO of the World’s Largest eSports Channel, ESTV, a dedicated 24/7 linear esports channel and AVOD. Television Korea 24, Inc. (“tvK24“) is based in Los Angeles, CA. tvK24 owns and operates two networks, tvK and tvK2 and a video on demand service, tvK-Pop. tvK is the first 24-hour Korean American network available nationwide as digital basic service. Eric is a member of the NFL Alumni Association.

Shaun Teo 

Serial Entrepreneur, strong background in manufacturing, operates multiple businesses including ECUwerks (vehicle tuning), Custom wheel label, Content creation studio, Real estate portfolio and Committee member of the Driven Show Canada

Andrew Holinaty

Operates multiple businesses Including Nordic Fencing, Arctic Spas, Trans Industrial Training, cofounder of Content Creation Studio and committee member of Driven Car Show Canada.

Mark Dreyer

Mark  is an Audio / Video Producer, director, editor who can take charge and be a positive leader and problem solver, or be an helpful associate to others.

Larry Unser

300 affiliates across the country use our service. Over 80 RFN Meteorologists and Weather …RFN provides “recorded live” mp3 quality weather forecasts, in every daypart, seven days a week.

Josh Leng

Talk Media Network (TMN) is an entertainment syndication company that specializes in the development, distribution, and marketing of high quality talk radio shows and features. Serving over 1620 Programming Affiliates.

Investment Protection

Investment Protection

Safety Net

Return on Investment


Yes.  It’s backed by substantial real estate value.


If required, the investment can be liquidated at a profit to satisfy investors.

The First Priority is to protect our investors. 


Yes.  Holdings are in an LLC (pass-through-entity) allowing profits to be passed through each year as K1 income.

Cash-on-Cash ROI

Join us in shaping the future of entertainment


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